Social responsability

Social Awareness

At Botanicals Internacional we are interested in the social well-being of our workers and our surroundings. With this in mind, we support The Way to Happiness Foundation by handing out brochures and showing videos to all incoming staff on social values ​​based on common sense, such as respect for private property, the importance of children, the consequences of infidelity, respect for life, care for the environment, treating others as you would like to be treated, taking care of yourself, etc.


We have the firm objective of helping your workers with both work and personal problems. To carry out this purpose, we have established a course room within the company where they can learn the different tools that can make it easier for them to carry out their work and also find solutions to their personal problems.

Within these courses are various topics such as: Improving efficiency at work Increasing education through learning methods Greater awareness of moral values ​​and ethics Improving communication and leadership skills, etc.

These courses are done in time and production and it is an important part for the personal improvement of the company.